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The Big Silly Baloney-lover

RRP $17.99

The Big Silly Baloney-Lover won the 2015 Beverly Hills International Book Finalist Award! Six-Time National Award-winning Author Krause writes her children's series to be funny and fast-paced for the children, while also including messages of kindness to animals throughout the stores for animal-loving parents who want to instill this important value in their children. Krause writes a heart-warming story about a boy and his sweet pit bull named Bunny after he has been dog-napped and entered into a dog fight. 7-year-old little Clyde, the pit bull's owner, also owns an obese cat named The Pleasingly Plump Clementine Clump, and a pet rat named Finnigan. The book has the Trilogy's regular cat characters in it, Soupy, Spider Man, Lila, Lola, and human characters, Molly and Marcy, but new characters, too. Princess, the snobby, bully cat is again in the fourth book, along with her new friend, Poopsie, the possum, and her seven little possum babies. One of Poopsie's babies, Petunia, runs away from home one day and gets herself into a life-threating situation. Can the cats save baby Petunia? Will Bunny, the huge pit bull, survive his dog-fight? This book is sure to provide humor, poignant situations, and a fast pace, just like the first three books.

Holy Cow, I Sure Do Love You!

RRP $17.99

New York Times bestselling authors, Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld return with an illustrated love note for your nearest and dearest, filled with moo-ving declarations uttered by one adorable cow.
Like their New York Times bestseller I Wish You More, this humorous book is both an uplifting gift book for adults and a heartfelt picture book for children. “Moo-ooh baby, I sure do love you” is the opening line, narrated by a spotted cow drawn in simple emotive brushstrokes that are a Lichtenheld signature. “I love you every which way . . . good moo-d, bad moo-d, weepy moo-d, weird moo-d,” the cow continues in a string of bovine puns: “I also love pizza, but that’s a moo-t point.” Drawn primarily in black and white on brown craft paper, the illustrations are simple, sophisticated, and appealing to all types of readers and all kinds of relationships the gender- and race-neutral cow is the perfect proxy for all of us.

A wonderful valentine for a sweetheart, a loving gift for a grandparent, or a read-aloud message to a child, Holy Cow conveys deep feelings of affection and appreciation with the lighthearted humor for which the children’s book bestselling duo Rosenthal and Lichtenheld are known.

About the Author

Amy Krouse Rosenthal is the author of more than 30 books. Her titles for children include Little Pea, Duck! Rabbit!, I Wish You More, Spoon, and Cookies. She is also the creator of a line of bestselling guided journals, including The Belly Book, My Birthday Book. Amy is a contributor to the TED conference and NPR. She lives with her family in Chicago.

Tom Lichtenheld is the illustrator and author of more than 20 books, including New York Times bestsellers Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Steam Train Dream Train, Stick and Stone, and I Wish You More. He lives with his wife in Nixon Township, Illinois.

Mama, I'm In Love (...with A Gangsta)

RRP $13.99

Baby Girl McCoy was given her name when her mother couldn't even be bothered to give her another one in the hospital after she gave birth. Baby Girl was the product of rape, and she spends her life in a quest for a father figure. Never in a million years did she imagine that she'd find it in the man that she does.
With a good head on her shoulders and a forgiving heart, Harlem Lee Jones discovers that some things in life must still be accounted for. She may have allowed her heart to find its way to God, but the devil is surely lurking close behind. Has she really left her mean street ways behind her?
These two dramatic stories filled with pain, heartache, and ghetto love, remind readers that you can take the girl away from the ghetto, but she'll always manage to find her way back.

First Baby Days: Funny Faces

RRP $14.99

Stimulate a baby's developing vision with these bright and bold, high-contrast novelty board books.

Babies are able to react and respond to simple patterns and contrasting colours just a few weeks after being born. As their eyes develop, high-contrast shapes, patterns and reflective surfaces give newborns something simple to focus on, respond to and interact with.

Funny Faces aids this development by using high-contrast colours, patterns with striking illustrations and a mirror to peer in to. Babies will react with delight as they look at the funny animals, play peek-a-boo, and giggle as they see themselves in the mirror. The simple text prompts parent interaction.

The perfect first book to share with your baby!

Also available: On the Move

Life, Love And Death

RRP $12.99

Love hurts like a thorn when red lips give a last kiss on a rainy day on the island of bliss. Life, Love and Death is a collection of short stories of Romance, Crime, Horror and Comedy.


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