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A Lifetime Of Love

RRP $16.45

Being the only child of a military family, Jackie Parker is often on the move every six months. However, this particular year Jackie's parents want her to finish high school before they leave for their next tour of duty. Jackie is thrilled that she can finish at Patterson High School and keep her friends, but she is most excited to be able to stay with Thomas, the love of her life. While attending their senior prom, Jackie is summoned by phone to go to the airport because her parents must leave immediately on their next assignment in Paris, France. Like a Cinderella story, Jackie runs out of the prom leaving behind Thomas and her corsage. In Paris, she becomes roommates with Tracey. Their relationship blossoms and a baby is born. With all of the obstacles that Jackie and Thomas have to endure, can they survive the lies, cheating and untimely death of Jackie's first true love? Read this scandalous tale to find out if the "couple of the year" find their way back to each other and show the true meaning of A Lifetime of Love.

Grandmother Loves You A Bundle

RRP $18.99

GILF erotica. Includes bonus books. Yes, I babysat him when he was little. Now he is an adult. Still, kinda over the top. He was turned on, because of the age taboo. I did what he wanted. And White guys like to do Black women. No more taboos! Jada Jackson bundled erotica. Published only on Amazon. Portions of this book were also published by the author writing as Suzi Wong.

Mama, I'm In Love (...with A Gangsta)

RRP $13.99

Baby Girl McCoy was given her name when her mother couldn't even be bothered to give her another one in the hospital after she gave birth. Baby Girl was the product of rape, and she spends her life in a quest for a father figure. Never in a million years did she imagine that she'd find it in the man that she does.
With a good head on her shoulders and a forgiving heart, Harlem Lee Jones discovers that some things in life must still be accounted for. She may have allowed her heart to find its way to God, but the devil is surely lurking close behind. Has she really left her mean street ways behind her?
These two dramatic stories filled with pain, heartache, and ghetto love, remind readers that you can take the girl away from the ghetto, but she'll always manage to find her way back.

In A Weekend: Baby Afghans

RRP $20.99

Designer Karen McKenna has created 12 precious wraps that will make a quick completion a reality. These designs can be completed in a weekend (or less)! Ripples, in-the-round and all over stitch patterns are included in the collection and are made using DK and worsted-weight yarns. As a bonus she's included multiple sizes that will accommodate smaller needs such as a car seat or infant carrier. Includes symbol crochet.

Falconer - A Tale Of Love And Courage

RRP $16.99

MIDDLE SCHOOL - JR. HIGH SCHOOL ADVENTURE "A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man." Joseph Campbell on the "Hero's Journey." ABOUT THE STORY Falconer begins his heroic journey through the horrifying Inferno to save his family's falcons. This dangerous adventure brings him into contact with both gods and goddesses and evil creatures. He is challenged by some of the most vicious demons found in Mythology and Folklore from around the world. Some of these monsters are Apep, a giant water snake; Goblins, grotesque elfin creatures; Kitsune, the vicious half human/half fox; Harpies, half women/ half birds who love nothing more than to torment humans; Orc, the extremely cruel war-like creature; and the Aswang, the evil vampire-like devil. The journey challenges the boy beyond what he thought imaginable and demands his conjuring up all the courage, strength, wisdom, and cunning within his being. During this journey, Falconer learns what he must do to survive in the Inferno, while also discovering many things about himself. Even though the novelette is written for pre-teen readers, its story will captivate both younger and older people who love adventure and mysterious worlds. A glossary in the back identifies the characters from mythology and folklore as well as vocabulary which may be new to younger readers. Dare to journey into the forest to find your bliss!


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