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Top 100 Baby Purees

RRP $19.99

"Making your own baby food is not only more economical than buying commercial brands you can be sure that your baby has only the best-quality ingredients. This essential collection of Annabel's best ever purees features 60 quick and easy recipes that will make for a healthy and happy baby. From sweet and smooth apple, apricot, pear and vanilla, through savoury purees such as sweet potato with spinach and peas, to the autumnal delights of peach, pear and blueberry, all the recipes are suitable for babies aged 6 months and above, and are so tasty you will want to eat them yourself! "

A Baby Sister For Frances

RRP $13.99

Frances has a new baby sister . . . and she's not happy about it.

With the new addition to the family, no one pays much attention to Frances anymore. At least that's the way it seems to her. So Frances decides to run away. Not too far, though-just far enough so she can hear how much she'll be missed, even by baby Gloria!

The Snow Baby

RRP $16.99

A review from Kindergarten Review, Volume 12:

Many young children have become so well acquainted with Agoonack, the typical little Eskimo girl, that they are prepared to give an understanding welcome to this true story of the Peary baby, with its pictures taken from life and from the scenes described. The welcome will not be regretted upon further acquaintance with the book, for it tells a happy, graphic story of the "Snow Baby's" life in the northern land that will fascinate many a child reader. Through sympathetic interest, first in little Marie in the strange country with its long night, and then in "Billy-bah"-the twelve-year-old Eskimo girl who came to America on a visit - in the (to her) strange country of short days and short nights, the children will gain much more than the geographical knowledge which this book gives them so vividly. Whoever reads The Snow Baby aloud for a child's pleasure, will find himself reading for his own pleasure, too, before many leaves have been turned. The profuse supply of pictures and the clear black print of the book give it additional attraction.

A review from The Phrenological Journal and Science of Health, Volumes 113-114:

This is the name that the Esquimaux gave to little Miss Peary, and Mrs. Joseph D. Peary has written a delightful account of her little daughter who was born far in the north, and whose early months were spent near the North Pole. She explained the Esquimaux term for "The Snow Baby," which is "Aphoomikaninny," and gives an account of the strange huts of skin and wood in which they live, of the dogs and queer animals which were her playmates, of the brown-faced men and women and children, who gaped in wonder at the little white baby. She gives an interesting account of the long Arctic night which lasts for months, when the sun never rises. That little Miss Peary was a pet of the White Man's expedition is not to be wondered at. There are many photographs of the Arctic life which illustrate this remarkable book.

The Christian's Secret Of A Happy Life

RRP $9.99

God intends for you to be happy and fulfilled-that's the encouraging message of the nineteenth-century classicThe Christian's Secret of a Happy Life. "Settle down on this one thing," writes Hannah Whitall Smith, "that Jesus came to save you now, in this life, from the power and dominion of sin, and to make you more than conquerors through His power." The exciting message of freedom-from the bondage of sin, to the life of Christ-is what has madeThe Christian's Secret a favorite for more than a century. Smith's masterwork is personal, practical, and powerful, and overflowing with substance for thought.

You're Not A Baby Daddy

RRP $12.99

In this day in age pre-marital sex has become normal while at the same time so has having children at an early age. Young men are usually the suspects in such situations without having anyone or any where to turn to for guidance and acceptance. Kevin Money has been down that road becoming a father at the tender age of seventeen and had to rely on hard lessons to become the man and father he is today. With this book, he encourages young men and fathers to stay in the game no matter how hard it may be. Young women and mothers should read this book to understand the mind of a young father and be that extra encouragement he needs to be a great father.Young men whether they are fathers, or engaging in sexual activity, or have thought about it will see this book as an eye opener and a life changing experience that will send them down the right path to becoming more than just great fathers but great men.


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